Thursday, August 09, 2012

I am a Masochist

I am a masochist.  We all know that.

But masochism manifests itself in many ways.  Let me give you an excellent example..

I HATE long car trips.  Two hours has always been my limit.  Well Kingston is three hours - so I began to learn to suck it up........ besides the fact W (god bless him) would stop about half way for a coffee break which let me stretch my legs and wiggle my ass.

Last Saturday W wanted to return home from Kingston via the States........ specifically Watertown.  He wanted to open a US post box.  (He has one in Plattsburg - or some other American city just over the border from here) 

So off we went around 10:00 am Saturday to find the border and Watertown.  


it was a long weekend in Ontario.  And everybody and his brother decided to head south of the border.  It took us almost 2 hours to get to and cross the border - on a road that had no place to turn around or detour.  2 hours of inching along.  2 hours  of sitting in a car seat not getting to stretch my legs or wiggle my ass. 

We found Watertown and the Post office was closed - it closes - dontcha know - at 1:00 on Saturdays......... 

So we decided to work our way home.  It took 7 hours - from the time we left the hotel till I walked in my door............. S E V E N hours!  

Now that is not what makes me a masochist.  


What makes me a masochist is W is taking me to the States again today........ and I agreed...... THAT makes me a masochist......... getting back in a car for a long drive to some distant small border town just to check his post box...... stuck in a car for god only knows how long................. 

THAT my dear friends makes me a certified masochist.


a good subbie




  1. Oh hell you LOVE it, you just missed wearing the nipple clamps on your tits or pussy lips all that time!!!!


  2. W. should toss your butt, and other body parts, into the trunk of the car.

    I swear, woman, if they hanged you with a new rope you'de find something to kick about.

  3. You should be grateful he allows you to accompany him.

  4. Seven hours? *cringes*
    Fun post; loved the cartoon and the example of what makes a good subbie and a certified masochist :o)

  5. Ummmmmm... I'd sympathize but just got home from the Denver run... 48 hours in the car over six days. That, my dear, is a long car ride.


  6. Honey, I know ALL about crossing at Alexandria Bay on a Holiday weekend!
    I go through Watertown every time I go to Ottawa.

    On a side note, did you enjoy the gorgeous scenery of 1000 Islands and St. Lawrence Seaway?
    It still takes my breath away!


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