Monday, August 13, 2012

The Beginning of the beginning

Yesterday I went over to W's.  We had plans to meet with friends this morning for breakfast - and it just made sense for me to be there for the night - rather than fight the traffic on the bridges this morning.

We had a wonderful breakfast and visit...... and then I toddled on home.  Difference between this trip home and the last one where I got lost - W lead the way.  He had some messages to run over here - and god bless him - he decided it was a good idea to do them this morning so he could lead the lost sheep home.  

I left him on the highway and turned off to come home.  When I turned the corner onto my street there was this on the front lawn...............

I shouldn't have been surprised - I knew it was going to happen - but even knowing I had a moment ...........

Ya see - I spent last week "interviewing" real estate agents.  All I can say is thank god for "google".  I had no idea what sort of questions to ask - but google does indeed cover anything.  

So I interviewed agents.  One agent in particular lost my vote pretty earlier on.  Part of it was his attitude towards me........ I couldn't know anything about the real estate market was his first mistake........ and then showing me past sales that were really low and trying to convince me I couldn't get much more??? something didn't ring true (it turned out I was right - cause when I looked at the print outs later I discovered the really low ones had been repossessions or were listed as "needing work" or "having some water damage". )  

BUT the major mistake he made was telling me my house needed to "be staged" because it was terribly cluttered and wouldn't show well.  That's about the time I showed him the door. 

You see - my house is anything but cluttered.  I guess you could say I am a minimalist.  It honestly scared me what 'clutter' he was gonna get rid of.......... my living furniture?? my desk in the office??? 

Anyway - I settled on a team of 3 women - who loved my lil house - who didn't think it was cluttered one little bit - and who actually said it should be listed for about $10,000 more than I thought.  (we compromised and listed it for $5,000 more than I thought - still think - I will get for it) 

And so I signed the papers on Friday ........ and today there was the sign - big as life - announcing to me that I am indeed selling and moving....... the beginning of a brand new beginning.


  1. Exciting times, girl.

  2. Anonymous3:21 pm

    WOW! Things are moving on quickly for you and W.

    Love the statement..."the beginning of a brand new beginning"
    a wonderful outlook.


  3. Keep the fairies close and keep your eyes fixed on your dreams. It will all be fine.



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