Wednesday, August 01, 2012

TMI there was one more thing that happened on the weekend..... 

On Sunday morning W and I were watching the Sunday morning news shows.... when he wiggled his fingers at me calling me over to his side (for the record it has been like forever since he did 
that ) 

Well *it* has been forever - and I have been more or less taking care of "things" as the need arose so to speak.  I know that things haven't been working as well as they used to.... it didn''t bother me - as - well - it has been forever.................. 

So as I saunter over to W and realize what he has in mind  - I advise him that it isn't working like it did - I believe I said "it is broken".

W loves a challenge and loves even more to prove me wrong.  So he started playing - and in no time at all I was all panting and wet and oh so ready!!  

Which is when he stopped.  


looked at me with a wicked grin and said "nope it isn't broken"

And that was it!! 

It isn't broken - but it isn't satisfied either.

Now it used to be I was under masturbation restrictions.  But - well I don't think I am anymore - at least nothing official has been said.  So that means I could go find the hitachi and a dildo or two and just take care of it right??


Problem seems to be - W started it - and I want him to finish it.............. grrrrrrrrrrr... I am getting rather cranky here.................


  1. Ordalie1:07 pm

    Gosh, how lucky you are!!!
    I've got nobody I can play with!
    I can only play with myself.... and it's not what I'd like!

  2. Anonymous4:15 pm

    The nebulous "they" say anticipation makes the grand fanale oh soooo much better! Anticipate rather than be cranky...


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