Monday, August 27, 2012


W started last Wednesday (my first day back at school) sending me lil emails first thing in the morning (I don't even ask how he has time to think of that what with ALL he has on his plate right now) 

Wednesday's email said "breathe"..... Thursday's I think said 198 to go ........(which truthfully we both have to stop - the daily count down - cause ya know 190 anything seems like forever!!)  On Friday he sent me an email that said " Fuck 'em" I laughed out loud - cause ya know........ considering how (as usual) I am getting no support from any front - it was very appropriate.  So I spent Friday walking around muttering "fuck 'em" mostly in my head.  

(For those interested - my principal still hasn't had time to sit down with me and do MY staffing - the Board is not the least bit interested in finding me 5 new employees - school starts this Wednesday - AND my staff from last year have been calling asking about this year) 

Yesterday W and I went to a munch (keep up here I promise to tie it all together before I end and hopefully make some sense)

The munch was the usual gang of suspects - with the usual chatter/complaining/gossip - with a smattering of drama thrown in for good measure.  

This morning I opened some emails from the mailing list for the BDSM group W and I  belong to in Kingston - the city we will soon be calling home - and there it was - more drama - more hurt feelings - more inneundos.

I found myself muttering under my breath "fuck 'em  fuck 'em  fuck 'em  fuck 'em " over and over ............. 

This morning I went looking for a picture for Monday morning (as is my habit - to add pictures to each blog entry) and found the following.......... 

I think for the next little while I will mutter "fuck 'em" and then pee on them all........... that might work !!

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