Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 days

Slowly and rather reluctantly - I have come to the conclusion that my summer break is almost over - 10 days left.

And I realized what a busy busy summer holiday it has been!!!  Virtually all of July was spent house hunting and organising........But it has felt as though W and I have spent the summer taking holiday trips.  (yeah yeah I know - house hunting isn't very often considered a holiday!  - but in many ways it has been for me) 

And don't forget we had our 3 days in Kingston - on a busman's holiday of sorts - then this week we took a day trip to the States....... and now ..... W has planned a 3 day trip to our Nation's capital next week for my last full week of summer holidays !!!

I think the very best of it all was the time I got to spend with W............. more time than we usually get to spend together - and it has been wonderful !!  I feel so spoiled. 

On the other hand - it is going to make his leaving on the 4th of September even more difficult to deal with............ 
On the other hand - it has shown me what full time retirement is going to feel like !!  and it will be amazing !!

Thank you W for making each day more interesting - more adventuresome - more challenging and more exciting.  I love you.


  1. you are welcome..


    ps: with all these trips, I have worn out my car tires :-((

  2. It does seem the summer has flown by, and it is again time to dive back in... I hope your year is the best ever, filled with memories and achievements and a sense of great pride in what you do.

    Hugs, swan


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