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Question 1


 I announced on the weekend that March is Question and Answer month - and invited you all to ask your questions..............

I have 3 questions but am looking for at least one a day.........
So until the end of March - this paragraph will preface any blog entry..... 


Thanks to swan from the Heron Clan for finally getting things going with the Question and Answer thing.  

She asked how many groups/gatherings there are close to home, and what the local scene is like.  

Honestly I don't even know where to start.  It would appear - from all the hoopla - that we have a very active community.

For example - this week there are:
5 workshops 
one munch 
one public play party on Wednesday night

We have 3 different munches - 2 are held monthly.  We have 2 clubs that hold regular Fet nights.  We have one Master who opens his enormous home to the community for play parties once a month.

Then there is Ottawa which is just a hop skip and jump away (about 2 hours) and they have bi monthly play parties and weekly "sloshes" (their sloshes attract between 40 and 70 people EVERY week!!!)

Now W and I attend one of our 3 munches regularly - and the second munch - the one that is less frequent - we attend as often as we are available.  The 3rd monthly munch we did attend - but found it was a pretty much a clique - the gatherings seemed to be less about BDSM and more about who's doing whom and what the latest Fet wear is.

As for the workshops - they are out of a 'community center' that opened a couple of years ago and unfortunately despite the best of intentions it hasn't lived up to our expectations.  Their workshops are mostly for real newbies ....... wet behind the ear newbies - easily impressed newbies.  Events out of this community center tend to be a bit disorganized, perhaps because the staff bite off more than they can chew.

The odd clubs that run Fet nights we don't attend as we are not into Fetish / Kink.  We do attend the semi private monthly party.  It used to be small - around 70 people attending.  However now the Stand and Model crowd are coming out to "gawk" (not my words but the words of a rather annoyed Domme).  We are still attending - but find we must go very early (8:30ish) and play almost immediately to avoid the rude gawkers who interfere with the play sessions.  Personally I find the whole mood has changed at these parties - probably because they have gotten way too big (usually around 150 to 200 people attend)

I personally find the quality of the scene here watered down and disappointing.  I find a goodly number of the folk rude and annoying.  Now that summer is coming there will be one more play party (hopefully ) added to our social calendar....  L'Oubliette.  It is north of us in the foothills of the Laurentiens and pretty basic... (sort of like camping verus hotels) It tends to attract those that are interested in playing and in BDSM.  It is - after all - difficult at best - to wear high heels when you are walking around a "camp ground" or latex and leathers under the summer sun.

And with the summer weather we will be able to head up to Ottawa for some of their monthly play parties.  We see a difference between the two cities.... and right now I am thinking I prefer Ottawa.  But that might just be "the grass being greener on the other side" I am sure they have some of the same problems we have here.. 

And that's about it for our local scene - and MY opinion of it.

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