Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Do any of you know - remember - the Monty Python song Spam... the lyrics were very catchy and thought provoking - 

"lovely spam, wonderful spam
lovely spam, wonderful spam


Lovely spam
Lovely spam
Lovely spam

spam, spam, spam, spam"

Truthfully the only reason I even know that song exists is because my ex-husband was is a HUGE Monty Python fan. I personally didn't get the humour - didn't get most of the British humour he watched... ummm.. while I think about it.. didn't much get his humour either.. 

Have any of you ever eaten spam???? I can remember way back when... I was in elementary school - money was tight - very tight - and one of my favourite lunches was fried spam and macaroni.. I couldn't eat it today..... god just the thought of it makes me gag now.

I know I know you are all wondering what the hell I am going on about.. I promise there is a point to this.............. 

Those of you who use Goggle's blogger - do you know that they now have a spam detector??? yeah they do!!!  Ever since I put moderation on the comments here.. I now have to look at the comment section on the dashboard... 

It took me a couple of days to actually see the notice that I had spam .... geeez I thought all those weird ads that used to show up on old OLD posts had just disappeared....no they hadn't they had gone into some spam box that blogger developed.  How did I miss that???!!

Anyway - I am totally enjoying reading some of the spam that shows up.. some of it almost sounds like someone who has / is reading The Journey - of course there is always a dead give away somewhere towards the end........ like one the other day that said they were taking notes of my ideas and going to use them this week....and asked me to give them more ideas - immediately followed by a promise (if I hit the link) of finding out the answer to having a longer thicker penis...... Yay right.. like I need a longer thicker penis.. hell if I did - I would simply buy another dildo.. 

Anyway... I just thought I would share with you the exciting news about blogger now having a spam box.. in case you didn't already know.... now you can have hours of fun reading spam.. lovely spam - wonderful spam, spam, spam spam.


Mr Upton Ogood said...

Ahh...spam...the other (sort of) white meat :-)

I eat that stuff as often as I am able, which means, in fact, nobody else is in the house. I guess that makes it, be definition, a solitary sin of a sort.

Much like my cig addiction, spam is something I do in spite of societal disdain... and for the same reasons: I like it and I don't care who doesn't.

You asked, and because I am the source of all wisdom not otherwise available, I answered ;-)

You're welcome

Upton (on-the-verge-of-a-triumphant-return) Ogood

Katheros said...

I have never actually eaten spam! But my first serious boyfriend was a huge Monty Python fan, and on our first date he went prancing through a parking lot singing the spam song at the top of his lungs. It was true love. Aaaaand now you have the song stuck in my head, thanks ;)

sarah thorne said...

I hate spam - both kinds!!


viemoira said...

My oldest daughter was given a can of spam as a joke for her 11st bday and she ate almost half the can fried. We teased her about it each bday from then on and she was given another can by same "uncle" on her 10th bday and not as excited at all.
When I worked training staff in IT related stuff at my old job I would commonly use a picture of spam meat with a circle and line through it while giving email presentations.
Then again we also had a progcalled "REPENT" and that training manual we created offended a few religious people with no sense of humor...

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