Tuesday, July 27, 2021




Have you read the book "Men are from Mars...."?? I have not.  I have always willingly admitted men and women do not think the same way - or process information the same way.... 


OMG this weekend I had a huge reminder of the principles of the book.... 

On Sunday evening Sir Steve looked at me and said "30 minutes - bedroom" BUT instead of my usual enthusiastic reaction I just kinda looked at him with a raised eyebrow.  He questioned my lack of enthusiasm... and I took a deep breath and said:
"You don't really want to have sex.  You're only doing it cause it's Sunday night without the lil one.  You thought 'time to have sex'.  Cause we both know if we don't have sex on the Sunday the lil one is away we won't have it for 2 weeks.  AND you are only doing it to please me... "

The look on his face!!!!

He said " that's not what I was thinking at all...... I was thinking I'm horny and want to fuck her" 

that simple - he wanted to fuck -- he never thought about schedules or freedom or anything other than his physical need.  

le sigh

Needless to say we were both in the bedroom 30 minutes later................. and trust me when I say the motto "If the trailer is rocking don't come a knockin' " really applied for about an hour!!  Yes an hour!! Monday I was sore - and glowing - and contented!!  

What did I learn from this lesson??? ............... 




  1. yes, i have read the book. And yes, i agree that we totally think differently!

  2. Sounds like there was a lot of contrary philosophies going on, but the conclusion in the last line sounds good. And to the author of that book, Men are from Earth and women are from Earth, live with it :)


  3. I haven't read the book but I can so relate. I think we women are good at putting thoughts in our guys head at times lol.

    Seems you ended up on same page nicely:) hooray for sexy time.



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