Wednesday, January 30, 2019


I want to thank everyone who took the time to encourage me to think about hearing aids from a different point of view.  Believe me I know how silly I was sounding... and how vain....... but ya know -- some days it's hard to see the trees for the forest.

I saw the ear doctor -- wasn't terribly impressed by his 'bed side' manner though I did like his technician who did the testing.  Got a question for those of you who have hearing aids..... did those ear pieces hurt you??? She did a test on my ear drum and dear god !!  I thought she had pierced it !!  It hurt so badly.  and those ear buds they put in for the test -- UGH!!  it felt like my ears were gonna explode....... sigh.... I was probably being a big baby

The final verdict though was........ I do have some hearing loss but nothing more than they see in people in my age.  The doctor did suggest I might want to get some hearing aids though I didn't really need them.  Why would he suggest I spend all that money on something I don't really need??!!  Anyway -- the final assessment was they don't need to see me for 2 years........

So for the next 2 years I will squirrel some money away so I can buy them when / if I need them.


In other news........ we had more water problems around here.... only this time it was a broken water main across the street.  Didn't really affect us except for the short time they had to turn the water off to the street while they replaced the pipes.......and not much sleep all night while they dug up the street ........  

OH and Sir Steve was sick all weekend -- so no play time or snuggling time.... which is why there wasn't a Monday Morning Report per say.  He's on the mend so here's hoping this weekend will involve some 'us' time.

Yesterday the lil one had her check up at the doctor's.  Sir Steve and I have been watching her pack on the weight..... and have been a little concerned.  It's kind of a bone of contention....... she eats healthy with us but 'mom' bribes with food - and snacks mostly come from the junk food section of the food guide.  The doctor was very politically correct and we didn't hear the word 'fat' or 'diet' ....... but she did stress the need for cutting back on her sugars....... they weighed her of course and both Sir Steve and I were a little shocked.... she's about 10 pounds over the top of the scale. Now Sir Steve needs to try and sit down with the mother and see if we can't get her on the same page -- well at least in the same book -- as us.  We came home with some ideas to cut back on the sugars at our house -- and the doctor will see her in 4 months..... yes a follow up cause the word diabetes was bandied about during the check up.  

Life is good when you can muddle through .........


  1. Anonymous11:43 am

    Perhaps it might be more beneficial to have the mother and Sir Steve talk to the doctor together. She might be more willing to make changes if she hears the words from the doctor.

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    Sounds like a good outcome. I was told the same thing, it's up to me whether I try hearing aids or not at this stage. It's a case of assessing how much difficulty the current loss is causing I guess, especially at work and in social situations.

    I really hope you are able to get Mom on the same page. I think annon has the right idea. Hope Sir Steve recovers quickly.


  3. Heh.. had to laugh at the bad bedside manner bit. I cannot tell you the number of times that English medical 'professionals' have tried to tell me what I can and cannot hear, how my hearing works, and to talk down to me. And I know I am not alone in these experiences. You would think a hospital department dealing with hearing loss would have a better system than calling names out (which its easy to miss for those with hearing loss) but nooooo...... (arggggh!).

    Ahem. right. back to your expereinces - they shouldn't hurt too much, but as someone with profound deafness, the methods used to test my hearing may be different to someone like you. I get headphones put on my head, and my ears bombarded with sound going progressively quieter, on diferent scales of pitch. My ear drums aren't often tested and I don't remember it hurting like that. However, I do know the innermost part of the ear has extreme sensitivity (to stop you pushing something down and penetrating the ear drum I presume) so it can feel as though it's penetrating when it's not. It's also somewhat desensitised in me. 40 odd years of hearing tests and having one's ears mauled by medical 'professionals' will do that for you! I'm glad though that its not severe hearing loss in your case - but i think the saving up for hearing aids is a good idea. Protect your hearing as much as you can - don't subject yourself to loud music, for example. Google will help with other means to protect yourself. *huggsss* xxxx


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