Thursday, January 17, 2019

Good News (for a change)

I've been kinda busy this week......... and couldn't share a word of it till I was sure.... I bought a new car !!!!

It's a 2018 Kia Soul.  

On Sunday I went on line looking to see what was out there - that I could afford.  Sir Steve had been making noises about getting me into an SUV -- a little bigger car so he didn't worry so much about me when I am out there driving.   I saw this lil one right off..... I groaned and said 'ORANGE?!  I don't think so!!' and continued looking.... but that lil orange car kept nagging at me.... it was kinda cute ... and I certainly wouldn't see it everywhere I looked..... I kept going back to look at it.  

Finally Sir Steve suggested we go take a look at it.... Unfortunately the dealer didn't have it on the lot and had to bring it in.  So we went back Monday night to see it and take it for a test drive.  While I was driving it I was sorta flip flopping on buying it.  I had done my research on Kias - especially the new ones.  By the time we got back to the dealer's I had made up my mind.  The lil one (who believes all cars should have a name) declared we should call it 'S's pumpkin' ...... I had an irrational dislike of the name........ it sounded mean and nasty !!  (ok ok so I had this sudden protectiveness towards my lil orange car) I said "NO it will not be called THAT.  I'll decide on a name for it!!"  (have I mentioned I'm a little bit cranky during this withdrawal process - grinning) 

Decision made -- paper work in the system -- we went home for a quick take out dinner.  

Last evening we went to pick it up.  I announced to the lil one and Sir Steve that IF the car had to have a name -- it would be - from this point on -- 'The Wild One'........ cause when I am puttering around town I will feel like a wild woman driving a bright orange car (at my age!!)

Once the plates were on it... the final paper work signed ........ they had to take a picture of me with the car.  They said it would go up on Facebook.  The lil one shrieked "S is gonna be famous ... S is gonna be famous!!!  Her picture is gonna be on Facebook!!"   

Life is good when you go a little wild and become 'famous' 


  1. Cute car! Congratulations! Nice to see an interesting color on the road! Have fun! Hugs, Windy

  2. Congratulations on the new car Morningstar, I love orange :) I brought a little Hyundai just before Christmas, which are made by the same company as Kia.


  3. Morningstar, I love the KIA Soul, and would have one if it were up to me. But Ron decides on cars here, and he can get whatever he wants, as long as it's blue -- his concession to me :)

    Funnily enough, the car model he chose as out next car also comes in that shade of orange; it must be the current trend with manufacturers.



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