Saturday, January 26, 2019

Just an Early Morning Chat........

I know I haven't been around much this week....... it's just been one of THOSE weeks.

It started off with a major snow storm and arctic colds on Sunday -- and went downhill from there.  There was so much snow to shovel we ran out of places to put it.... it was so bloody cold they cancelled school buses for 4 straight days so the children didn't have to stand on street corners (they said frostbite could happen in just 10 minutes!)  The schools were open so Sir Steve drove the lil one back and forth for the 4 days.......

The contractors were here working on the leaky bathroom upstairs and were in and out of our apartment ...... on Tuesday night the 'boss man' was cleaning up their crap down here -- and lifted his ladder to carry it out the door and managed to drop it -- right on top of my laptop breaking it!!

Wednesday was an ugly day for me -- tears over my precious laptop -- trying to find one similar to replace it (the contractor didn't argue at all simply agreed to pay for a new one) 

Thursday and Friday the contractors were working down here putting up gyproc and plastering over it....... can I say mess??  As well... I had asked a 'friend' who supposedly has a business to do lawn care and clear snow to come and push back our snow banks..... (and of course I was gonna pay for it) -- waited 2 days and he never came!!  GOD !!!  and all he does is bitch and complain he has no money!!  and business is slow and woe's is me no money to pay bills -- and yet he just doesn't show up to do a job??!!!  Thanks to our contractor who knew someone who knew someone -- I found a wonderful young man yesterday who was more than willing to move our snowbanks -- and said any time I needed him he'd come and clear our parking spaces !!

BUT --  people -- and talking -- and people -- and noise -- and people and dirt !!  I just don't do well with people around me all the time (obviously not Sir Steve -- people as in outsiders) ... I love my peace and quiet -- need my peace and quiet to maintain peace and quiet in my soul........ 

Ahh well -- it's Saturday -- the lil one is at her mom's .... the contractors won't be back till Monday (and hopefully with the new laptop which was ordered) and there's nothing major on the agenda for the weekend -- time to lap up the peace and quiet and soak in the love of my Sir....... 

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  1. Gosh Morningstar, you have had a week! Having contractors around is stressful and upsets all usual routines. Sorry about the laptop. Glad the contractor was good about taking responsibility and paying for a replacement though.

    Hope you are enjoying a wonderful, peaceful weekend. Hope too that it thaws out a bit for you.



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