Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday Music

A few years ago -- when my life fell apart and I do mean fell apart!!  and I didn't know if I could even get up in the morning...... my eldest daughter sent me the following song....

I listened and I cried ..... oh how I cried..... she was telling me she had faith in me ... I could do this!  I mustn't give up........

Then yesterday morning she sent me this version of the same song..... and I cried again!!  I have come so far from the first version........ from not being able to see myself getting out of bed and facing the world..... I have come so very far !!! 

I have taken back my life with the help of Sir Steve...... and life has never been better...

My 'power is turned on and I am being strong' .... cause I did have 'a whole lot of fight left in me' 

Life is good when someone believes in you


  1. Love both versions, Morningstar ... how great is it that your daughter sent you the original verison as inspiration when you needed it in your life ... nj

  2. What a lovely song and how wonderful of your daughter to send the original to you when you needed it. Look how far you have come :)



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