Saturday, January 05, 2019

50 Shades (our version)

(this has an R rating)

Yesterday afternoon found me tied by my wrists to the headboard.  (be still my heart - it's been awhile)

The toy bag was on the bed........ 

Sir Steve brought out the clamps and clipped them to my pussy lips...... almost immediately I was moaning softly

Then the buggy whip came out........ it makes the sweetest music as it swings through the air....... hitting the clamps -- my breasts -- my belly -- my inner thighs and back to the clamps.  The tremors flowed over me and through me...... more more more please Sir!!

A pause....

Then the crop was hitting the clamps... my breasts... my inner thighs...... 

I wanted him so badly -- wanted to feel him buried deep inside me...... 

He reached between my legs and yanked first one clamp then the other off....... each time making me moan more... the last one -- the Sadistic SOB removed slowly and gently......... the blood flowed back into the tissue -- burning -- aching -- feeling so very good!!  My eyes were closed.  I felt Sir Steve climbing onto the bed -- I opened my eyes to see him kneeling tall over me -- pushing my legs apart -- ramming into me making me gasp and arch upwards to take all of him quickly -- feeling him hitting my cervix -- taking my breath away -- arching up more --  feeling him banging against it harder and faster........... his hand around my neck ... I can feel my pulse / my heart beating with each thrust........

Later we laughed about after care -- our form of after care -- "ready for a smoke?"  "Yes Sir" 

Life is good when you're a masochist and he's a Sadist.


  1. Ahha! ... told ya ... ... nj

  2. Very nice :)though ouch on the clamps!



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