Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Problem - Updated

 A BIG thank you to Windy who gave me some suggestions ........ by the time I got it I had access to my blog again -- but had no idea how/why...... in my frustration I had shut down Firefox and was using Chrome - then opened Firefox again to get a bookmark and tried The Journey and lo and behold it worked........ I am guessing restarting Firefox did the trick

Thanks again Windy :)

Today I changed the theme of my blog - Christmas is over after all.


Now I can't access my own blog ...... can't get past the 'adult only' "I understand and wish to continue" page -- it just keeps recycling that page.  I have had that problem on other blogs from time to time but never on my own blog.

Anyone got any solutions?? Anyone have any idea what I have done??? 

IF I use Chrome I can get in... but don't want to switch to Chrome just to see my own blog........... 

Help please !!!


  1. Have you signed out of everything and shut down/turn off, then reboot and try to log in again and see what happens?

    After that, I would go back to the theme and change it to something else in a different category.... some of the themes were not working right for me in November and I had to redo it all (even though it looks the same to y'all, it isn't! Took a ton of work.)

    Let me know if either of those things work for you. Hermione is the expert ..... I know much less than she does, but I have done some trouble shooting without about 5 of the gals this past year when their Macs have gone haywire after the latest update.


  2. I have problems getting to some blogs when I use my Chromebook - yours, Amy's and Ronnie's. The same thing happens ... I can't get past the 'adult content' page. If I switch to my ipad I can get access. If I completely log out of everything, shut down my Chromebook (google laptop) and then restart and log back in, I can get in ... like I just did now. However, it will act up again once I leave and come back. I think it's a Chrome/Google/Blogger issue which won't get fixed until enough people complain ... unfortunately I haven't been able to find the 'complaints department' :>)) ... nj

  3. Welcome back to your own blog! LOL ! Glad to help! Hugs! Windy

  4. Hi Morningstar,

    How frustrating, glad you managed to sort the issue. I had problems some time ago accessing some blogs after an update to blogger. I switched from using explorer to chrome and problem fixed.


  5. Hi morningstar,

    The problem is that Blogger has automatically made your URL start with https://

    Type https:// in front of your URL and you will be able to get inm once you click on the adult content bar.

    I will post a permanent fix on my blog shortly. Stay tuned.



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