Thursday, January 03, 2019


Sir Steve and I have a new tradition for New Year's Eve - started last year.  We order in a feast of Chinese food - curl up with some good Netflix movies and binge away.  At some point during the evening Sir Steve takes me to bed... he beds me? (grinning) and we have 'goodbye to the old and in with the new' sex.  This year was no exception -- great food and better sex.

Only thing is ........ this year I have decided Sir Steve has a thing for 'holes' !!  and not just mine (cheeky grin)

Let me explain.......

On New Years Day (continuing an old tradition of mine) we invited neighbours and friends to a New Years Day open house..... very relaxed ... come as you are sort of thing... stay as long as you want or as little as you want...... it's rather a nice way to wind down the holiday festivities.

This year while we were all sitting around the living room eating, drinking and chatting I looked over at Sir Steve and noticed a small puddle on the floor beside him.... I jumped up and grabbed a towel (thinking maybe the dog in all her excitement had had a little accident) BUT nooooooo nothing so easy.... when I paid closer attention to the puddle that was growing on the floor -- it turned out it was flowing down from the ceiling.  Our upstairs neighbour was having a shower........ UGH!
 Sir Steve got on the phone and tried to locate our landlord....... But it wasn't till yesterday the landlord finally got in touch......... 

By that point Sir Steve had already climbed up and pulled down part of the living room ceiling looking for the leak... 

The plumber came in...... patched things up temporarily ....... and now we wait for a bathroom reno upstairs.......and live with a hole in our living room ceiling. 

(musing -- now if I could just get Sir Steve to stop stressing over landlords and ceiling holes and get him to focus on the one hole that needs him -- cheeky grin)

2019 might just be known as the year of Holes!!


  1. Laughing! I didn't know what I'd see given the title, but I thought you'd probably be funny! I laughed! I hope Sir Steve takes care of all the holes that need tender loving care...... and spackle...or whatever is used to plug up the leaks! Good luck! Hugs! Windy

  2. LoL Morningstar,

    Firstly, I so love your new years eve and new years day traditions. Oh goodness at the leaking ceiling. Hope all holes and properly attended to soon :)


  3. Grr, are, not and! lol


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