Thursday, January 31, 2019


This is gonna be a grumpy day.......... 

the lil one is off today -- it's a PA day -- so back when I wasn't grumpy I agreed to a day shopping with her and a friend from the campgrounds.. Today I am questioning my sanity

It's bloody cold and I am done with the cold -- yet because this friend is coming and we're gonna use my car for the day I was outside at butt crack of dawn shoveling off the back walk to my car so this friend doesn't kill herself

THEN Sir Steve called and said he had forgotten to put the booster seat in my car and now I have to run over to his work -- during his coffee break -- and get the seat....... so much for my schedule........ 

THEN as I was trying to eat my breakfast and most importantly have my coffee the contractors showed up to continue working on the ceiling...... only they can't start down here cause only one worker showed up......... so I have to report to them when I am going out.......... 


I am getting grumpier typing this.............. 

Keep your fingers crossed that by the end of today I don't bite someone's head off... it's that kind of day

1 comment:

  1. Hi Morningstar,

    What a frustrating start. I hope your day got better. Stay safe and warm!



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