Tuesday, January 22, 2019


(this picture from Google came with the Japanese word "Kodokushi" which apparently means 'dying alone')

Last evening there were sirens and flashers ..... a fire truck and then the paramedics and then the police arrived one block down from us.  There was a lot of activity -- a lot of people most of the evening.  

It turns out the neighbour - a block down from us - died in his sleep Sunday night.  How sad is that?!  I couldn't get over the deep sadness that built in my heart.... to die alone..... to not be found for 24 hours.  

Being me - my mind went to when I was living on my own - it could easily be 24 hours before anyone missed me.... especially since I am a loner and can happily go days without seeing/talking to anyone.  I have 2 daughters but we most definitely do not speak every day.  It could have happened to me -- pre Sir Steve.

In a world that is so connected by the internet and social media it is even more disturbing that people are dying unnoticed.  We the living are so busy with our lives we don't check on neighbours or family who are elderly (and even those who aren't) and live alone.  This past weekend with the subzero temperatures here in the Great White North the news channels were reminding us to check on neighbours -- to check on family -- make sure everyone was warm and coping.

And yet a neighbour died on Sunday ........ alone


  1. I have a sad addendum to add to your thoughts, Morningstar ... when my father, who chose to be estranged from his family and friends in his later years, died pretty much alone in hospital (except for myself and one other person taking turns by his side), a wise friend consoled me saying "we die how we live" ... but then again some people do not choose to be alone and as you pointed out, it is those people we must look out for ... hugs! ... nj

  2. Hi Morningstar, oh how sad. I'm sorry to read this. A timely reminder to keep in touch and check on friends, family and neighbours.



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