Tuesday, January 08, 2019


About 4 years ago I made the decision to get healthy (with my doctor's encouragement) ..... my blood sugars were a little high.... and my weight had topped out higher than it had ever been !!  I bought a fitbit -- loaded a food tracking app on my phone -- joined a gym and got started.  I hit some bumps in the road...... but kept pushing forward....... I lost almost 70 pounds!  I LOVED the gym -- well loved to hate the gym....... but working out every day gave me extra calories to eat (or not in my case)
Then my life settled down -- Sir Steve came into my life and was my biggest cheering section.  He encouraged me to eat some of those extra calories -- encouraged me to maybe lose those last 10 pounds.  I joined a gym here BUT it wasn't MY gym from Kingston.  I missed it.  I tried -- I really did -- to go to the new gym -- but insecurities raised their nasty heads and I slowly cut back my gym days from 5 to 3 to none.

BUT over the two years I have been here with Sir Steve my weight has stayed pretty much the same (shifting 2 or 3 pounds up or down).  My sugars stayed low (YAY!) 
Over Christmas I noticed my clothes were fitting differently -- I looked 'fat' again.  I weighed myself and there was hardly a noticeable increase in weight (just those 2-3 pounds) WTF?!  Then I had an 'Eureka' moment -- it wasn't my weight -- it was my muscle tone.  The thought of finding a gym starting rolling around in my head.

Good news is..... my favourite gym from Kingston had opened a franchise here.  Could I settle in there??? I kept looking at their website..... checking out the equipment... building up my confidence to join....... figuring out how I would do this now I have the responsibility of the lil one (when I was in Kingston I was alone and didn't have to worry about schedules -- went to the gym when I wanted/felt like it)

Finally yesterday I decided to push the 'reset' button...... I went and joined the gym.  I am happy to report I got the same good feeling when I walked in to the building just like I did in Kingston.  All the equipment was the same....... the layout almost the same - it felt comfortable.....it felt like 'home'.

SO today I will start my daily trek to the gym....... sweating and cursing and hating it. but hopefully not missing a day.  I am also hoping that working out my body every day may help with the withdrawal symptoms (I have cut back again -- I am now on 1/2 my original dose!)

As much as I would like to participate in Fondlers FFF program -- it's just not something I can do comfortably.  I will post from time to time here on my progress BUT I can't do the public thing ....not comfortably (yeah I know sounds silly but that's me!)

Life is good when you can push the reset button.



  1. Good luck on your reset, MorningStar! You can do it! Hugs, Windy

  2. Hi Morningstar,

    I can totally relate to losing muscle tone. I usually do daily abdominal exercises and became quite toned. However, over the last couple of weeks, with the businessys of the season I haven't been doing them and I'm definitely not happy with the consequences!

    So glad your favourite gym has opened in your area. Good luck getting back to the gym, I too really hope it also helps with the withdrawals.



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