Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Small things

I was thinking last night how BIG our expectations get at this time of the year.  It seems it has always been the little things that touch my heart the most at Christmas.... whether I am receiving or giving (though I have to admit I much prefer the giving)

I am blessed with many memories of the small things from Christmases past..... making shortbread with my grandmother (who never had a recipe for anything), reading the Grinch story to endless numbers of children in my class  for over 20+ years of teaching...watching my dad lie under the Christmas tree with eldest daughter talking about the fairies in the tree ............ watching family and friends feasting on my home baking ........ hearing the children laugh....... 

Small things make great memories!

I am appreciating the small things happening in my life - like text messages early in the morning warning me of icy roads ...... a smiley face text .... a "can you help Santa" message from son in law - that one is special - I am especially happy with finding my way back to my children ........ to finding the happiness and laughter with them again.

I will be spending more than a few days with my kids over Christmas - and want to make memories - for the kids but also for me.  I don't believe these memories have to be big things......... I think they can be small things .............

I found on sale Hallmark ornaments for the grandkids - Star Wars characters for the two youngest ones and the best find a Big Bang ornament for eldest grandson who LOVES The Big Bang show - I am looking forward to hanging these ornaments on Christmas Eve with the kiddies

I found a Gingerbread house complete with icing kit and candies and plan to giggle and laugh my way through assembling with the grandkids on the afternoon of the 24th

I am going to  hunt down my copy of The Grinch who Stole Christmas and read it to whoever wants to listen - all curled up in our Pjs before bed

I hope to be able to squeeze in time to visit an old friend when I am in Montreal....... share a coffee and memories and laughter


more importantly - on a day to day basis - I am appreciating the quiet of my lil apartment - the smiles and cheerful hellos when my neighbours catch me doing my "hall " walking after dinner - I am enjoying the thrill of finding things on sale at the shops - finding leggings in small sizes that fit and cost 1/2 price - I am enjoying finding my authentic me.  I am enjoying the low stress, no pressure, freedom of my life.


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