Friday, December 18, 2015

Best Friend

Remember my first date on Sunday?? 

Well I had a second date yesterday.  He is an artist and he invited me over to his place to see his "sketches" (cheeky grin)  Seriously - he owns an art gallery/studio and I went to see it and his paintings and have some coffee.  I was fully aware that this studio/gallery was attached to his house. 

Mini me (my best friend EVER)  and I talk about everything - including - especially - my re-entry to the dating scene.  (just for the record mini me is on the same dating site and has been tutoring me on dating site protocols)   Mini me and I joke/talk about everything........ and I do mean EVERYTHING!  Oh hell - let's be honest here - mini me has a whole lot more street sense than I do - and she does her best to educate me ........ she teases me that I will probably get laid before her (which is amusing as I am not exactly looking to get laid)

I was a bit nervous about going to his house........ hell was this an invitation for sex??? I was nervous I don't mind saying it.  Was I ready for sex with someone ??? 

Yesterday morning at the gym - on the treadmill - I let my mind wander  and realized it wouldn't be such a bad thing to have sex........... or was it?? I am more than a little rusty when it comes to vanilla sex........... my imagination ran through all sorts of scenarios - and by the time I was getting ready for my second date I was even contemplating pulling out a vibrator and taking the edge off - so to speak.  

At his house/studio - a couple of times I found my mind wandering to sexual scenarios - now I was in the house - there were major possibilities for some kinky sex...... like his tall kitchen table that was I was leaning on while he made coffee and my mind's eye realized how well positioned my ass was.......... (shake head - move on) 

We did not have sex - I sorta ran when the feelings overwhelmed me - made my excuses and headed home.  

Once home I texted mini me - I really needed my best friend to talk  to me - to help me understand these feelings......... I was confused.  Was I just horny because it's been 15 years since I had a male fuck me - really fuck me?? Or was I sexually attracted to THIS man??? 

My opening line in my text to mini me was "I almost got laid before you"....... and as I hit send - I was giggling.  I waited for the response ....... and it was "You BITCH!" and I burst out laughing.  That's just who we are together.

After the giggling ended - we talked... and I confessed I wasn't sure if I was just horny (god it's been so long I forget what it feels like) or was I attracted to him.  Mini me suggested I go get my vibrator and take the edge off and see how a session with the vibrator and him in my mind worked.

I told her I had toyed with the idea of doing that BEFORE I went - which sent her off giggling and asking if I had seen the movie Something about Mary (which I hadn't of course) so she filled me in on the "advise Ben Stiller got about jerking off before his date" which had me giggling and gagging at the same time.
When we hung up I knew I had made the right decision - as long as I am conflicted about why I want sex I am not going to have it....... I have to KNOW for sure that I am not just looking for a working penis.......... (blunt yeah - but truth too) 

And yeah - for those of you curious - I did go and find my vibrator and had a lovely time all by myself.  I'm not sure "he" was too much of an influence in that session - though he was in my mind - I do know for sure - my body was influenced - WOW !  it's been a long time since I had that "much fun"......... 

I don't know where my artist and I will go - but I do know one thing for sure!  There is no one at all as special as mini me!


Now for today's Christmas smile............





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  1. I've been pondering what to say on this one. We do have a most unique friendship. In such a short time we've been through thick and thin with each other. I have talked with you about things that I've not spoken of to anyone else.

    I'd say that most definitely qualifies as bestie :)

    Love you lots morningstar.

    mini me


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