Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Making Memories.........

When I was getting ready to go to Montreal for the holidays - someone said to me "Go make some wonderful memories".  I am pretty sure we all made some wonderful memories over the 5 days I was there.............

Christmas Eve was delegated to me - I brought down the supper and activities.  The kids used to come visit me over the month of December and we did crafts and decorated ... on the 24th the family came to me for a buffet of finger foods easy to choke down foods for the kiddies who were barely able to sit still because "SANTA COMES TONITE!!"  We did it all in one afternoon,,,,,

Two of the grandsons and I made the Gingerbread House - and  some special sandwich sugar cookies that youngest daughter (and eldest daughter) love  - I wear icing and jam quite well - yes sirree I do!!

I set the table in full Christmas colours complete with crackers for pulling and we pigged out on barbeque casserole, cheeses and dips, veggies and dip, sausage rolls and bread rolls and a Yule log for dessert............. 

At bedtime I was presented with my very own stocking - even had "Granny" written on it - and I was given the instructions to hang it on my door ............. I felt so much a part of the family again with that simple gesture!  (and YES I did wear my Elmo onsies with the feet - the kids - even the little one - rolled their eyes.  )

Christmas day there was a steady stream of friends and family popping in for breakfast and then 25 (yes 25!!!!)  people for dinner - family traveling from all over to come for Christmas ............. some I hadn't seen in years and years!!  

At one point as I sat at the long table I looked around the room and everyone was eating and laughing and talking - there were no angry words - no stress - it was in my humble opinion a true 'Norman Rockwell' Christmas - my heart was so full I thought it would burst!!  (of course the 2 glasses of wine could have helped with my nostalgic emotions!)   

On Boxing Day my youngest daughter and I went to see the Nutcracker Ballet - thanks to my son-law's gift of a pair of tickets so we could have some Mother / daughter bonding time.

So yes - I did make a whole bunch of Christmas memories and came home feeling warm and fuzzy and am looking forward to my next visit :)

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