Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Rush Rush

Driving home on Saturday night from the munch - in the dark - in the snow - I noticed that on the shift console - the light for "drive" was lit up BUT so was the light for "neutral".  My heart pounded.  Something was wrong - and I have to drive to Montreal on Wednesday - what to do what to do??? 

Yesterday morning at the crack of dawn (nearly) I was at the garage with the car - dropped it off and came home.... and started coming up with a Plan B to get myself and the presents and the food and my clothes to Montreal.  I did laundry - but other than that I pretty much sat around wondering what I was gonna do.  

The mechanic called.  Good news and bad news.  Good news they had patched up the problem (which wasn't / isn't my transmission) and it should be fine to drive to Montreal.  Bad news - the part needed to fix the shift console would take 2 weeks minimum to get here.  Good news it's all covered under my extended warranty (thank god for some good judgement 3 years ago)

So basically yesterday was a write off - didn't get much if anything done to get ready for Montreal.  

Today I had a friend drop in for an early morning (8:00 am early) coffee and chat.  At 10:30 I was out running around picking up last minute stuff I absolutely have to have for Christmas!!!  

Now I am home - and suddenly realized I had not posted a blog today .. and dear god I don't want anyone to think I have dropped off the edge of the world (cheeky grin) 

So while I eat my lunch I am writing this blog for you all............ then I am off to make a casserole and some finger foods for Christmas Eve supper......... then organise my clothes and pull out the suitcase and organise the presents into HUGE bags - get my meds and my make up (yeah can you believe it - I am now wearing make up!!)  and make lists of food I can NOT forget........... cause tomorrow I am outta here !!!  I am SO excited !!!  Can you tell??? 

I am taking the laptop with me - and might - MIGHT - post some updates while I am away -   or maybe just some pictures ,.......... I'll be back around the 27th / 28th.... god willing and no snow 


Christmas giggle for today...........



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