Saturday, December 05, 2015

Holiday Cheer

There's this "meme" of sorts going around Facebook - about remembering that there are people who will be alone at Christmas - or sad - or depressed... that Christmas isn't cheer joy love and happiness for everyone.

and it got me thinking..........

I am very lucky - very lucky indeed.  I have my family and know there will be lots of laughter and joy and love (yeah and tears and stress - it wouldn't be Christmas without it!!)  And we'll have memories ......... lots of memories.

I can't help but think though - of those who will be alone this Christmas - or missing someone dear to them - or worrying about someone who is ill.  If I could have just
 one Christmas wish - it would be that everyone could have one day - just one day - without pain - or illness - or sadness.  That for just one day that no one would be alone - that there would be laughter and joy and warmth in every home.

That would be my Christmas wish.


  1. Morningstar,
    That is a wonderful thought. Maybe if everyone has the same thought, we can overcome the stress and loneliness at Xmas time

  2. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Beautiful thought!


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