Wednesday, December 16, 2015

7 Days

In exactly 7 days I will be on the highway heading down to Montreal to be with youngest daughter and family.  I am SO damn excited - just like a kid waiting for Santa!

Everything is pretty much done.  The baking is done and packaged up, the gifts are wrapped, my wardrobe is planned.  And I have been watching the long range weather forecast holding my breath - no storms please!!

It really has been a long time since I have felt this good about Christmas.......... no   stress (well ok - not much stress) ........ I have been very relaxed for me - enjoying the twinkling Christmas lights every night ........ I sit by my Christmas tree and just grin like some old fool.  This year I don't have to share my excitement - I don't have to try and joke about the Grinches/Scrooges in my life - cause I don't have any!!  

I know there are folks who are going through a tough time - go through tough times every holiday season - but just this one year - I am gonna be a little selfish and wrap the joy and happiness around myself like a warm snuggly blanket - and soak in all the memories and love has been a long time coming ............ 

BUT sometimes you just have to be a little devilish at Christmas - you can't (well I can't!!!) stay good all the time..................... so here's a little picture for you ...........of the beloved (much hated?) Elf on the Shelf !



  1. Your joy is making me happy - keep up the good work lady

  2. I hope you have a well-deservedly marvelous Christmas <3 I keep wanting to reply to your posts lately and not finding the right words at the moment, but you're such a wonderful person and I just hope that your holidays are as wonderful as you are :)


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