Friday, December 04, 2015

Slow down - You're moving too fast

I was exhausted yesterday after the gym - couldn't figure out what was going on.  So I turned down an invite for coffee last evening - and went to bed 10pm

At  midnight I woke from a bad dream - I was chasing after two people - one who greatly resembled a local Dom (go figure) He had a manila folder that he was trying to steal.... and I was chasing him.

I  shook off the dream - rolled over and went back to sleep.  At 2 am I awoke from the SAME dream!  This time I was running through a house I didn't recognise - still trying to find this man.  While I lay there trying to shake the dream I realized I was freezing cold.....I got up and put on socks and a sweater over my Pjs - turned up the heat and crawled back into bed.

At 3 am I was awake again.  This time I was trying to stop the man from shredding this folder.  I was still cold and shaky - and I remember thinking that this was one weird dream - It was like a full length feature film - not short cuts of scary stuff.

At 5 I was awake again - same man still lingering in the shadows of my dark dream.....

Missy the cat woke me at 7 ..... the dream was fading - but it was still running in my head.

I realized when I finally got my eyes open and my feet on the floor - that I am down for the count.  I am feverish and my bones ache - my head hurts - I feel like crap. 

I think my body has decided it is time to  slow down........ take stock ... pamper and rest.. and maybe the gym isn't the germ free place I thought it was........... 


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