Monday, December 07, 2015


We have had days and days of clouds and rain.  It's December for goodness sakes!!  Where's the snow?? At least with snow there is a feeling of brightness - a feeling of Christmas........... 

But with this weather it's hard to know if we're in December or March.............

I was quite literally sulking this weekend - thinking if I don't see sun soon I will loose it!  I tried going to the Mall on Saturday - spent money - didn't feel any better.  Sunday went to another mall - spend some more money - still didn't feel any better.  (AND didn't come close to my 10,000 steps a day)

I did do something I wasn't sure I would ever do............ EVER.... I joined a couple of online dating sites.  Dear GOD!  they say it's free - but if you don't pay their fees you can't actually do anything except see the males who are looking - see that some males are viewing your profile - see that some males are liking your profile - see that some males are sending you emails............. but I can't access them unless I want to spend a small fortune every month!!  I am finally ready to dip my toe in .. see if there is someone interested in a little dating - a little flirting and have no idea how to do it.......... le sigh........

It just happened - I realized I wanted to start meeting people again - well not just people but gentlemen.  (which is what I said on my profiles on these dating sites - I would like to meet a gentleman - and I added I am not a one stand kind of girl - which I hope chases off the guys who are looking for quick lay)

We'll see what happens ............ maybe it would be worth paying for a month??? Just to see if there are any "gentlemen" out there.............. 

And in the midst of my angst about the weather - and dating sites that charge an arm and a leg........... real life was happening for a dear friend.  Sometimes I wonder how much the human spirit can handle.  My problems pale in comparison trust me.  I know she wouldn't want me going on and on about it.............. but after our morning text today I sat here feeling very grateful for my life - and realized  - on the bigger scale of things - my problems are pretty minor.  




  1. We all like to bitch about the weather, but I think Mother Nature is having some revenge. Here we had a cold but dry winter that has almost overnight turned into the hottest start to summer on record. Two weeks ago the temperature hovered around 20C but today the mercury hit 41C.....and not a drop of snow in sight.

    Please say safe on the dating sites....sometimes I think they are not all they are cracked up to be.

  2. You are sweet, you know that? (hugs)

    I'll be available to help you through your dating site adventures. It can work - I've meet some pretty decent people there.


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