Thursday, December 17, 2015

Party Time

Over 30 years ago I started holding Holiday parties for my friends.  Thirty years ago people were excited about them - the RSVPs rolled in quick - and usually said "YES" ....

Then it became next to impossible to plan a party before Christmas so I reverted to a family tradition of holding an Open House (come for a drink and eats and leave when you are ready )  on New Year's Day.  (stems from the Scottish side of the family)   And that worked really well - we always had a house full.  In fact one year I had so many people show up - and STAY - that I sat on the stairs - chin in hand - just marveling at the crowd laughing and mixing and feeling a bit overwhelmed and very blessed to have so many good friends.

Then we moved to Ontario - and people weren't quite so used to me or my customs.  The RSVP's didn't roll in - in fact I had to chase folks.  (I fuss over numbers to make sure I  have enough food) 

Last year we had a good "turn out" and folks stayed and stayed and I thought  all had fun........ BUT this year once again I am having trouble getting the RSVP's back - and it seems some are waiting to see if they get a better offer (well that's how it feels) 

And yes I know this party is mostly vanilla themed - I don't have any play space - but I don't apologize for that....... this party - especially this year - is a celebration of 1)  The New Year 2) a House Warming for my new apartment and 3) a celebration of my New Life.  

BUT numbers don't matter - if only 4 or 5 good friends show up we'll have a blast... I might even put on a BDSM DVD instead of Christmas music - why the hell not ??!!  no sound just the pictures - make up your own dialogue...... LOL now that could be interesting.. 

Anyway - I intend to have some fun !!!  It's my Celebration - my Party !!!  hell I might just throw open the doors and invite anyone who wants to come........ are you interested??? (grinning)

And because I promised myself for the next couple of weeks there would only be joy and fun on The Journey here's another Christmas picture for your viewing enjoyment...

I'd love to have a pair of thigh high socks like those!!!

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