Monday, December 14, 2015

First Date

So - as you know I joined an online dating site.  

 And if any of you have ever been on one - or know anything about them - it's a bit like a meat market.  Within 24 hours of my joining I was a little overwhelmed by the number of men wanting to "date" me but I realized a few things - mainly I wasn't desperate ........ I wasn't in a hurry ... and I was gonna be picky,

I realized it wasn't important to have a date - what was important was to be ME - and if they didn't accept ME I wasn't gonna change one lil thing to be more acceptable.  I matter more - much more - than finding a date.

One chap contacted me - he was clever in his writing - challenging a bit.  He intrigued me.  On Friday he suggested we might meet up for coffee.  I figured why not - let's not waste time - there either is chemistry / interest  or there isn't.  So I agreed.  We were set to meet yesterday at a local restaurant for coffee.

It went ok.  We had good discussions about everything from kids/education to family to  politics.  

My observations following the date ............ 
The best part of this date - the very best part - it felt so damn good to be ogled by a man again - and know he was impressed with what he saw.  

It felt good to be seen as a woman - maybe even a reasonably hot woman!  It's been a long time since I felt pretty and desirable.

And he kissed me - softly and very gentlemanly - I grinned inside and was bold enough to take it up just a notch or two before gracefully stepping out of his car (where we had been sitting having a smoke)

And it felt pretty damn good when he asked if I wanted to see him again ........... and I didn't jump at it - didn't feel desperate to hold on - to see him immediately - instead I said yes I would like to see him again- but we'd have to play it by ear - it's Christmas time and I am busy.

When I walked away from his car I had a spring in my step and dare I say a little wiggle to my ass............ 

I felt like a woman again - a good looking woman - a woman worthy of a kiss and a second date.

And the other thing I realized - there IS life after 65 ........ and it looks pretty damn good to me!


  1. dear welcome to the...'there is life after 65 group;!
    hugs abby

  2. I am still trying to cope with life after 60! It is wonderful to read about a renewed Morningstar...sounds like life is gradually returning to a positive "normal"

  3. That's great news, something to look forward to all over Christmas too
    love Jan,xx


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