Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wibbly Wobbly

The above title comes from something a friend wrote back in November.  If memory serves me right (I did go looking but couldn't find the piece) it was a rather dark poem.... and was full of pain and heart ache.  Last night i found out that she and her partner had split up around the time of that poem.  I was shocked.  And then I wasn't.

This winter I have watched more than one poly relationship implode.  It all just adds proof to my belief that poly relationships are not meant to last/work,  OK OK I know someone is gonna jump all over me here cause their poly relationship is working fine - is all full of rainbows and sunshine and unicorns.  and my answer will be 'yeah come talk to me in a couple of years'.

I have read/noticed a couple of 'open letters' on Fetlife just recently - written by the primary submissive to the new girl coming in.............and I had a long discussion with someone who has tried poly (and please note she made it clear she would try it again if her Master wanted it - le sigh) Her main complaint was that when he was off playing with the new toy - she was at home doing the laundry - cooking the meals - cleaning the house - taking care of sick kids.  In other words living a real life.  This new toy was only for playing with and showed no interest whatsoever in the dirty lil secrets of 24/7.

Stud Dom really believes he can keep everyone satisfied and happily amused.  And when things go wrong - where does the finger pointing start??? at the females - because - dear god in heaven - they got jealous!!!???

My thought immediately is jealous?? well if the submissive's needs/wants/desires were being fulfilled would there be jealousy?? nah I don't think so - not as much.  BUT come on folks truthfully what male can keep all the plates spinning??? and yeah i am putting a whole lot of the responsibility on the Dom's shoulders cause ya know what???  from the folks I have met it was the Stud Dom who wanted poly - not the submissive.

So yeah..........wibbly wobbly - weebles are not supposed to fall down........... but they do...... and can't get back up...


day 37 of 365

Seems appropriate to this blog entry - a bubble waiting to be popped




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