Friday, June 13, 2014


 I have always loved books and have always had a dream of having a "library".  A room with bookshelves that go wall to wall and ceiling to floor.  

I had a pretend library in Montreal - a faux library.  BUT when I was packing up to move here, I gave away all my books and all my shelves 'cause there just wasn't any room for my faux library here.  

Of course it doesn't help I have a Kindle/Kobo with all my books neatly stored in it.  Not much need for a library now - right?   My concession to no more heavy hard cover books was to buy a very nice soft leather cover for my hand held library........... try and trick myself into believing I am reading a book book!

This love of books lead me to thinking about doing a photo shoot in a library.  Have you seen the modern day libraries??!!  Then I went to the hairdressers one day and right next door was a book shop,  I popped in and asked the owner if he would have an objection to my coming in to the shop and doing a photo shoot.  The man looked at me like I might be some 'crazy' from the loonie bin......... but he agreed to allow me to take pictures of his books.

The outcome was nothing like I pictured in my mind's eye - but it was another opportunity to hone my skills.

Day 33 of 365


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