Saturday, June 07, 2014

Stepping Back in Time

Canada's First Prime Minister
and one of the Father's of Confederation
Sir John A MacDonald
Jan 11 1815 - June 6th 1891

W and I have had a week of history.  The Bicentennial of Sir John A MacDonald's birth  is coming up next year.  Kingston is already gearing up for the celebrations.  Why Kingston you ask and not Canada ???   Well Canada might be gearing up too.... but Sir John A was born and lived and is buried here in Kingston.  So Kingston is making a huge push for tourism next summer (cheeky grin)  oh yeah and throwing in some history too,

This week a group of actors who play Sir John A - and the other characters in his life headed off on a journey across Canada by train (ya see Sir John A was the driving force behind uniting this country by rail)

W and I were at the train station to see them off on their journey.  It was amusing and fun ........... and I just hope they had a better reception along their route compared to the handful of well wishers that were at the Kingston station (and most of them were affiliated with the theater group or news reporters)

My one bit of exciting news from this adventure back in time was - one of the organisers saw me there with my camera taking pictures and asked if the group might use some of my pictures !!!!  talk about incentive to make sure that they turned out !!

This was the real Sir John A

And this was the 2014 version

The group put on a little song and dance routine (rehearsal time - me thinks) while waiting for their 2:30 train.........

My favourite character had to be Calvin Hobbs the newsy............ not exactly an accurate historical figure but Calvin added a touch of humour to a rather dry production..........

and then yesterday the 6th of June Kingston Historical society had a solemn service at the cemetary where Sir John A is buried............


 Truthfully the train station shenanigans were much more fun !!

(day 25 of 365)

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