Monday, June 02, 2014

Crammed Chocker Block Full

OH MY GOD !!!  I have never had such a busy day as we had on Saturday!!  It started off early with friends dropping by ............... then after lunch, W and I decided to take a road trip to Wilton Cheese and Wilton Pottery.  

 I thought that was all we would do - take a 15 minute run up to Wilton - buy some cheese then head home.............. BUT that's not the way the day unfolded...............

Wilton was a beautiful lil town...............
(day 21 of 365)

Wilton Cemetary

Wilton Pottery Shop

Inside Wilton Cheese Factory

 the creek 

Instead of heading straight home W decided we would take the winding country roads and drop in on some friends.  I got to see her "glass studio" she makes beautiful stained glass.  While we were there I heard W say he was thinking of taking a run to the Casino.  

I haven't been to a Casino in years!!!  So off we went.  We are very safe gamblers (well W is - which means I have to be) We take X number of dollars in and when it is gone we leave.  However on Saturday I doubled my money in no time.  W made me cash out - take the initial investment and give it back to him (cause he had loaned me the money) and then play only with my winnings.  At one point I was up $20 and he tried to get me to cash out the $20 but it was just too much for me... I wanted to keep playing till I hit the jackpot.  (See why I say W is the smart one?? LOL)

W won big time - well big time for us - doubling his money and then some.  He cashed out - He is so GOOD!!   Then when we had no money left we headed home.  Once home W asked what restaurants were still on our "bucket list"??? He was gonna use some of his casino winnings to treat us to dinner out!!!

We settled on Smoke's Pouterinerie.  I wanted to have their curry poutine - but unfortunately they were out of it so I picked second best - stroganoff poutine. 

It was way toooooooo much and half came home for lunch on Sunday.  W ate all of his.  He had the bacon and Italian sausage poutine.... and then spent the rest of the evening moaning saying "I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing!!!"

It was such a fun day!! 

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