Thursday, June 12, 2014


The weather forecast yesterday was for heavy rain fall - actually heavy rain fall for the next couple of days.  So W decided we'd take advantage of coupons we had for the Casino and head back there for a couple of hours.

The neat thing about Casinos is they have no windows - so you lose all track of time - AND weather conditions.  When we came out a couple of hours later - the rain appeared to have stopped (for the time being) and we drove home laughing about our time in the Casino,

When I got out of the car at home I exclaimed "WTF"  W looked across the top of the car and said "WHAT??"  Words failed me - I just stood looking at the muck and mud and rocks I was standing in.  I didn't even answer him as I picked my way up the driveway....... mouth open - jaw on the ground (I am sure)

My front garden bed had exploded and spewed good earth and rocks all the way down the driveway............... it looked like a bomb had been dropped.

 When we bought the house we noticed that the rain spouts all ran down the sides of the house and were buried in the ground.  Now I thought (at the time) what a clever idea....... the rain water will run underground and water the lawns.  I didn't see a problem.

Well that is until yesterday.

What we think happened was the rubber pipe that ran under ground got blocked - which caused pressure to build ............. which eventually caused an explosion............. everything just erupted upwards and outwards................

 day 32 of 365

This is what I stepped into when I got out of the car - and trust me when I say the picture does NOT do it justice!! 

This is the rain sprout that is/was buried under the front garden............

 AND this is the hole that opened up in the front flower bed.................. 

We had more heavy rain last night and I barely slept thinking about the exploding hole......

And we are supposed to get more heavy rain's gonna be a few days - me thinks - before we can figure out a solution to what I thought was such a clever idea .......... a cheap solution !!!!

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