Saturday, June 21, 2014


day 39 of 365

When W and I moved into our lil home here in Kingston - there was a lot of work to do to make it OUR home.  One of the things that drastically needed attention was the back yard.

I can't call it a back garden - there was no garden.... just 3 bushes stuck into a sea of weeds grass.  My main objective last summer was to get some gardens in - and W had a new walk put in and got 2 sides of the back fence fixed and painted.  (all of this I talked about last year)

This summer my main goal was to turn what passed for grass in the back and front yards into a lawn.  I actually hired a firm to come in in the early spring and de-thatch, fertilize and do some major weed killing,

Our next door neighbour got the fence (the 3rd side of our fence) fixed.  Now it was no longer listing like a drunken sailor.  BUT it was a nasty brown colour............ and i do mean nasty!!

The grass has rebounded way beyond my wildest dreams - the gardens are thriving and now I have a solid fence all around the back yard.  This week I decided I would paint the 3rd side of the fence.

After all I used to stain the fence out on the island in Montreal - as well as a 30x30 deck each spring.  How hard would it be to paint one side of a fence??? 

Monday I was all fired up to get it done!! 

This is what the fence on the opposite side of the yard looked like................

This is what I was facing................

  In the heat of the first day (which bugged W no end!!)  I got this much done......

Tuesday and Wednesday it rained - and mostly washed away my enthusiasm for getting the fence painted.

BUT Thursday the sun shone and out I went again in the heat of the day - and got this much done................

Friday dawned bright and sunny.  I wanted that back fence done before our company started to arrive next week.  I had the hardest part of the fence left to do - the bit behind the lilac bush - and the bit in the ivy garden..............W went off to run some messages and left me painting........... when he came home he insisted we go out for a quick lunch at Mary Brown's (my FAVOURITE chicken restaurant just down the street from us) and when we got home W made me come in the house for a little bit .............. but then I was determined to get it finished,  I was so close .......... so very close.  So out I went again and literally pushed through......... that last little bit was the hardest part.... maybe cause I was almost done............. but I stuck it out and an hour later had finished the fence,

After a hot bath to ease my aching muscles and back (who knew that painting a fence would work muscles running from my thighs to my ass??!!!  dear god I thought I might never walk upright again) I curled up on the sofa proud of the job I had done and basking in the praise from W .......... (the praise was probably way better than my joy at finishing at the fence)

This morning I took my coffee outside in the back - curled up on the patio/deck - on my new wicker furniture and just basked in the quietness and beauty of my back garden.  Life is very good and I am very contented.

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