Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The other morning I was in the kitchen doing something ...... and W came in.  I don't know what possessed me - let's just say the devil made me do it.... I hip checked W... not hard - just a little teasing hip check.  Not once but two or three times.... and of course I got the giggles.

W opened up the junk drawer - everyone has one right?? the drawer that holds all the odds and ends for the kitchen - that just don't have "their" place and get jammed into the junk drawer.  He pulled out a large white plastic spoon.

He unceremoniously pushed me up against the counter and with his free hand held me down......... and with the other hand started to spank my ass with the spoon,  I yelped and did the subbie jig (or tried to) and W just pulled my nightie up over my head and went at my ass harder.

It went from "dear god that hurts!" to " ummmmmm damn that feels good!"  in 30 seconds.... and then quick as that I felt the tightening in my lower belly - coming up on tippy toes - hanging there suspended sort of - hanging on the rhythm and the hurt........ and then the wave washed over my body and I shuddered and shook and trembled - and giggled ................... 

W gave me that wicked grin of his as he tossed the spoon back in the drawer............. 

Fast forward a couple more days - and it's evening time now - and I ... ummm can't honestly remember what I was doing - or what mood I was in - probably snarky - I DO snarky so well and the white spoon came out again..... 

I tried to dance away - to talk my way out of it - after all I was cooking - and I couldn't concentrate on the cooking if W was spanking my ass right????   I remember at one point saying something like "I am done" and W answered (in his TONE) "not yet" .......... and my mind scrambled to keep up - couldn't make it - tripped over itself - wasn't focused - but W's words were ringing in my ear when I felt my body go up on tippy toe again - hang there - waiting..... and then that tidal wave washing over my body - and W grinning and saying "yeah NOW you are done!"

 day 31 of 365

 a novel bike rack

 another angle of same bike rack

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