Monday, June 09, 2014

So weary

Why is it that we can go weeks with nothing much on our 'social calendar' and then have a weekend that is so full we barely know which end is up??  It would be so nice if all these social events could be spread out over a month............ (ok ok I will stop bitching now - cause it was a FUN weekend..............

It started on Friday night with a munch.  And it was a really good one.  Lots and lots of conversation - some of it even thought provoking and stimulating.

Saturday there was an antique car show one town east of us.  Friends had been working hard to convince us to go with them,  (well ok - truth be told - it didn't take much convincing for W - he LOVES car shows - me not soo much) We were out of the house by 10 to pick up our friends.  Thankfully it was a glorious day - lots of sun - a gentle breeze and virtually no humidity.  This is important cause the car show was outside.  

I did not take pictures of the cars - cause come on - you've seen one old car you have seen them all........... I did however take an arty farty shot or two................ 

 day 28 of 365

Sunday we were up early again to head off to a wine and cheese festival with the same friends.  They had won tickets to it and invited us along. The cheese festival was humid and crowded and for some reason the crowds got to me - the crush of bodies - the pushing to get close to any table............. ugh...

Again I didn't really take pics of the festival - BUT - we took back roads to get there and lo and behold we came across some tall ships in a cove in a quaint little village that seemed to be having some historical festival of their own............. 

 day 29 of 365
 W did enjoy the festival - especially the wine tasting (cheeky grin)

We dashed home from the festival to have a rest for an hour and then off we went again.  I had won tickets this week to see Judy Collins (for you young 'uns out there who have NO idea who she is - a folk singer from the 60's)  We arrived in time, found our seats which were pretty much front and center in the Orchestra section (great seats) and we enjoyed 2 1/2 hours of time travel ........ back to the 60's 

Now I do believe it is time to 'slow down - we're moving too fast - time to make the morning  last - just kicking down the cobblestones - looking for fun and feeling groovyyyyyyy'

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