Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Better late than never??

Ok so I started this blog entry I don't know how many times this morning... and got interrupted............

First it was the door guy - our brand spanking new door squeaks worse than a haunted house door - and they finally came to fix it... They were due at noon - arrived at 8:20

Then I went back to writing and an email came in that the kids coming to stain my back deck were arriving today - not scheduled - totally unexpected - but hell not gonna say 'no'.

Then W and I headed off to buy a summer's pass for all sorts of touristy stuff - from boat cruises to museums to Fort Henry and the list goes on and on...........and then we did groceries

AND finally home again - alone

The blog I had in my head has vaporized - hopefully it will materialize tomorrow.....

day 30 of 365

 This purple flower was standing tall way down this river bank - standing proud I thought  - so I plopped on my long telephoto and snapped it....



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