Saturday, January 25, 2014

Take the Lead..............

I am sure that picture was meant for something with more impact and definitely more importance than what I am going to discuss - BUT - it speaks to my younger years... to my naive belief that we (the generic we) could change the world.

For most of my working years I was the one to stand up at meetings and point out the glaring problems with the programs we were being told to implement.  I was the one tilting at windmills.  I remember one meeting where I had 20 people contact me via email and ask me to be the spokesperson - be the one to stand up and say ENOUGH.... all those 20 people agreed to stand behind me .. have my back.  Yeah except when push came to shove - those 20 lambs were nowhere to be found when I needed back up.......... from that point on I went to meetings and sat on my hands - fussed and fumed and cursed at the stupidity of the "suits" but I kept my mouth shut.  It just wasn't worth it to be known as "the shit disturber".  I was too old and tired.

I have a fighting spirit.......... and I tend to tilt at windmills - fight for lost causes and the underdog............ until I don't.

The BDSM community is another giant I have tried to take on from time to time,,, with about as much success as in the vanilla world.  I have taken up one cause after another and usually with the same outcome as in my vanilla world - when push came to shove no one was standing behind me.  They had pushed me out on that limb and then climbed down the tree,

I have been watching over the last year or so hot topics on Fetlife.  I have seen the posts railing at the way things are - the plans to change things - the talk and more talk and more talk - and absolutely NO action,

This morning I read some post or another along the line of "I may be a bitch but I am not your bitch".  I read the comments,  Over and over I read "you go girl" or "yeah I am with you - tell it like is".  I had to log off - cause the steam was coming out my ears.  

Right with you - nodding - oh yeah - until you are asked to actually take a stand... and then you vanish in a poof of smoke, along with all the other "right behind you's".  You find excuses for your feet of clay............

It is, in my humble opinion, a mighty sad world where no one ....... NO ONE.... is willing to stand up for what they believe in - fight to stop injustices - fight for change.

I am tired.  Maybe I am too jaded.  It does sadden me that I no longer want to take up the battle cry............but I honestly don't think anyone wants REAL change - they just like talking about it.

And that's my Saturday morning bitch.

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  1. When I read a statement or blog that is just so right, it is tempting to agree, feel smug that I agree, then pass on. It is nowadays rare that I have the courage to express how I feel having suffered the slings and arrows of standing up for my beliefs and having them ignored or shot down by people who are too lazy or bigoted to have their own opinion and rely upon the pap fed to them by their boss/newspaper/blog/club leader etc.

    This blog statement not only rings true for me, but hopefully will re-ignite my belief to stand up for what is right, not take the easy path of agreeing with the crap we are fed by the self opinionated, but usually ill informed, silent majority.

    May your journey continue towards whatever peace and happynedd life has instore for you


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