Thursday, January 02, 2014


For the past month or so I have been feeling invisible.  No one (I repeat NO ONE) was to blame really.... unless you can blame "life".  Things just got off kilter.  W and I would go for days without saying anything of importance to each other (other than good morning... what do you want to eat.... and good night)

I was thinking I was expecting too much - needing too much - something too much.  Yesterday I just took myself out of the picture - took some time to try and put a different spin on things.. try to calm my inner voices (actually try to tell them to shut the fuck up )  ...took some time  to be quiet and still.

This morning something happened that made me realize what I had been missing.  W was making his breakfast (yeah I know bad bad subbie - leaving him to make his own breakfast) and I was cleaning up the kitchen from last night's dinner party............ and W walked up to me and walloped my ass - an impromptu hand spanking.   I laughed and twisted and turned and managed to hug him tight (which stopped the stingy spanking) .......... but as soon as I let go W started up again.  He was smiling too....... and he actually chuckled - something I haven't heard in a long time.

I realized I hadn't been missing massive play times or sex (well ok ok I had - but that's not the point) what I had been missing was this type of interaction between us... a hand spanking - some laughter - contact of the physical and mental type.........brief spontaneous fun .................

Day 2 of 2014 looks a whole lot better than Day 1 did  


  1. It can only keep going up since we are only at the beginning of the year. Hope there are lots of intimate moments and plenty of shared hugs.

  2. I so totally agree that it is the beautiful daily interactions that can be more missed than more intense play sessions. So happy that day 2 started the way it did. ava x


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