Friday, January 31, 2014


Yeah I know "bratty" - me??? Who would believe it eh??? but every once in a long long while the 'brat' will come out to play............... 

Yesterday was one of those days.

W came into the kitchen early yesterday morning - BEFORE - my second cup of coffee - pinned me to the counter and proceeded to paddle my ass with his blue rose paddle.

It was a Christmas present from about 5 years ago.  He declared the colour for Christmas as "blue" and so I bought him this paddle with a made to order blue rose.

The paddle spent the day sitting on the ledge of the stairs going to the Dom cave.

Fast forward to my bed time.

As I walked past the paddle I quietly "stole" it and took it upstairs with me.  I put it very sweetly / nicely on his pillow (beats a chocolate if you ask me!)  Turned out the lights and went to sleep with this BIG grin on my face.  I could picture W coming into the darkened bedroom and climbing into bed - putting his head down on the cool pillow only to discover he was lying on his blue rose paddle.  I kinda hoped he might pick it up - roll me over even though I was sleeping and give me a few good paddles - but I awoke at 6 a.m. with no late night paddle session.

However when W woke this morning he came down to the dining room with his own cheeky grin - AND the blue rose paddle in his hand.  And yes it all went exactly according to my plan - W laid down expecting to feel the cool pillow and instead came in contact with the leather paddle.  I giggled while he told me.  I did get a quick paddling this morning - which is totally ok with me - even before my second cup of coffee............. and I notice the paddle has been placed on the ledge leading down to the Dom cave again today................... 

Sometimes a little bratty changes up the day


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  1. Ahh so cute I feel like I can see your cheeky grin lol ava x


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