Monday, January 13, 2014


Last week I went to the doctor's.  I was thinking that it would involve a quick look at my pink private bits.  The nurse looked at me and asked if I was shaved - Brazilian - trimmed - au natural.   I was taken back.  I have never ever in my entire life been asked that question.

If I had been on the ball I would have / should have asked her why it mattered - but I was struck dumb so only mumbled - au natural.  

It has been a long long time since I have been "au natural".  I used to shave for me - then W insisted on it - then W took over doing it.  (and I wasn't allowed to touch it - which meant it could go weeks without being shaved)

For over a year (I guess) W hasn't been all that interested in whether I was shaved or not.  When I moved up here in July I asked him to shave me.  But since then nothing.  and as W didn't seem to care I lost interest too. 

The nurse asking me that question last week brought the whole thing to the forefront.  So I asked W again to shave me (it had gotten so long it would have taken me forever to do it myself in the shower - and W uses this neat electric trimmer )  I promised him I would keep it up from now on......... doing it every time I am in the shower to avoid this long tangled mess.  (TMI???)

Friday afternoon W told me to get everything ready and he set about shaving me.  As I laid there I remembered the early years when he shaved me and how he would make me blush - how playful he would be - teasing and tormenting me.............. but it has become a task to get done now.  And so it was done.

At first I wondered why I bothered if W didn't notice/care/play with it anymore.  But then every time I moved my jewelry would move!!  For some reason it doesn't move (or move as noticeably when I am not shaved).  WOW I had forgotten how good that felt!!  Then there was the general nakedness and how it felt against my panties or clothes.  It feels sexy to be shaved........... and I love it!! 

There isn't a whole lot of play in that region anymore - and feeling sexy / aroused may just be more torment than I need or want.  BUT for now I am enjoying the nakedness of it all.

I still wonder though - why the nurse asked about the state of my pink private bits...............


  1. I was neat au natural before I met Daddy then Daddy required it to be Brazilian and I love it! Just as you describe the nakedness - it's just wonderful ava x

  2. Ordalie12:42 am

    Why didn't you ask her?

  3. sixofthebest12:22 pm

    Personally I like to stroke the unshaved hair of a woman's pubic area. I like the touch of my hand, as they surround those curls of hair, that leads to her heavenly vagina. And when I see my erection slowly but surely rise, Its sexually satisfies, as both. Then I proudly spank her bare bottom, with fervent joy.


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