Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Sentiments

I thought I would share this "sentiment" with you today.  I have been trying to make it my mantra for the last couple of weeks.  Ya see....... remember that "health issue" I have had - well it's back.   I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday to start all the nasty testing and waiting for results.  I AM trying to live in "today's peace".


  1. I'm telling you, having the hysterectomy as been the best decision I've made.
    Yeah, it's taken me a bit to get back, but that's because my internal lady bits were so bad that my doctor had to take more than he originally anticipated.
    I wish you all the best my dear and I hope your health issues can be resolved to YOUR satisfaction!

  2. Hugs, i always think it is fear of the unknown that fuels the imagination. Good luck with Tuesday, and at least you have your Ones support with you xx

  3. will be thinking of you on tuesday... *hugggsss* xxx

  4. I'll also be thinking of you Tuesday, and sending good thoughts.

    and in a wild aside... I used to use gimp all the time! Then I discovered that Adobe Cloud offers a student subscription to their creative cloud, for 19.99 US dollars per month. Not just Photoshop but all their products. As long as you are officially a student at a registered school. You might want to explore it. Photoshop is a bit more intuitive than gimp.


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