Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Never Ending...........................

W is in Toronto again today.  again and again and again.  Trying to do the right thing for his sister is becoming a full time job.

"They" found a will for her common law partner - who died 3 days before her.  AND the police found his daughter.  AND the funeral home in Toronto finally agreed to cremate W's sister and ship her ashes to Kingston.  We were (I thought) beginning to see a light at the end of the never ending spiral.


the will they found - left everything to W's sister.  AND the executor of that will is dead.  and W's sister didn't have a will or an executor............So now everything is back up in the air - what to do?? what to do??

W contacted the funeral home in Toronto to find out where his sister's ashes were - what the hell was the status.............. her ashes are still sitting in the funeral home!!  despite the fact W had taken care of the details to have her shipped here...........

oh and W still doesn't have a death certificate - the funeral home doesn't have it - they think Social Services has it.............. how come no one has thought to send it down to W??? do we have to put in requests in triplicate over and over again??

And someone has to file her final taxes - and pay death taxes - but WHO?? W has no legal standing to do any of this legal crap............

oh and the apartment is filing an eviction notice for the 25th of Jan. and the apartment is full of STUFF....... just stuff 

Honestly W is going round and round in a never ending - I'm hoping it all skids to an end very soon - for everyone's sake.



  1. Well folks the end is nearly there...


  2. This is all sounds so horrible to have deal with - sending you positive vibes ava x


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