Friday, January 03, 2014


We have icicles hanging off our thermometer.  The house cracks and grumbles and sounds as though it is collapsing around us (we are told it is just cold snaps)

I don't much like winter - never have - but this cold spell (minus 33 wind chill) is starting to get to me.  Only good thing about it - I don't have to go out in it... can just pull on an extra sweater and snuggle in till the good old thermometer starts to climb again......... sometime in May??? 

On the bright side we are trying to laugh about it................

 and dream.............

 and be creative............

and when all else fails ......

take that Mother Nature!


  1. I know what you mean. It's not fun when you go to open the door and your hand gets stuck to the handle:)


  2. I so hear you. -45 with snow drifts up to my hips. Yeah. I'll be staying in.

  3. Ordalie12:59 pm

    I'd had always thought you'd go to warmer skies after you retired. I just can't understand why you can stand these awfully low temperatures!
    Here in the south of France +12°C


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