Friday, January 24, 2014

House Guest

All through this process of claiming W's sister's body - making plans to have her cremated and shipped down here to Kingston - and finding a cemetery plot here for her, I have to admit I have only listened with one ear.

I have been aware of the problems - and problems on top of problems that have been happening - but again I have only really listened with one ear.  IF W needed me I was here - but I figured the best thing I could do was what I do best - cook and clean and stay out of the way.

On Wednesday when W was in Toronto - the postman rang the doorbell.  I had to sign for a parcel from the Toronto funeral home.  The postman gave me a strange look as I took it - glancing at the sticker on the top of the box - and said he had NO idea what it was.  I kinda gasped and said out loud without thinking "This CAN'T be her ashes??!!"  The postman kinda gasped and said "OH I am sure we don't deliver ashes!!"  To which I said / mumbled - "Oh I am pretty sure that's how they are shipping her ashes down to us - by Canada Post".  He looked shocked and - maybe - a little grossed out - said "Have a good day" and continued on his route.

I brought the box in and kept thinking it was very small and light to be her ashes no?! And I gently shook it and it rattled.  Let me tell you I nearly dropped the box - was I hearing her bones rattling like in some bad movie??? The imagination - MY imagination - can play all sorts of tricks.  By the time I got downstairs to the Dom cave I realized the box was the size of a jewelry box.  And then I remembered I had half heard some discussion with the Toronto funeral home about some jewelry that sister had been wearing.  My heart stopped pounding and I plunked the box and the other mail down on W's table.

Yesterday our postman once again rang our doorbell.  I came upstairs to see who it was and called to W that it was the postman again.  W joined me at the door and was standing just behind me.  The postman gave me A look - said he had another parcel for us.......... from the Toronto funeral home.  This time it was a bigger box and when I took it from him I was shocked at how heavy it was.  As I was signing for it the postman said something about definitely not wanting to know what it was........

I followed W down the stairs.  I asked if it was his sister's ashes.  He said yup he expected it was, and plunked the box down on the coffee table.

All I could think was "dead body = cemetery" NOT our house!!!  BUT it would seem we have a house guest until such time as the cemetery takes her - W's sister who has avoided any and all contact for over 30 years is now in the Dom cave.  

It kinda makes me smile ya know.  Seems to me she has come full circle - from walking away from the family to coming home one last time.

It also kinda - sorta - creeps me out to know her ashes are downstairs........... if I hear something go bump in the night - dear lord I will scream!!!!  (I told you all - MY imagination is a terrifying thing)

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  1. Ordalie11:43 am

    I do understand you...and the postman. He probably won't enjoy delivering you any parcel from now on.


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