Thursday, January 23, 2014

House slave

I am awarding myself a gold star for my day yesterday.  

While W was away in Toronto I got busy and ................

1)  mopped all the dry dusty cobwebs down from their hiding places (usually in corners by the ceiling.......... 

2) vacuumed and cleaned the Dom cave (cheeky grin) It is a room that seldom sees a duster or vacuum - cause W is usually down there.  So I took advantage of his being gone all day to clean and sparkle it.. (hopefully he can still find everything LOL)

3)  cleaned off my car and shoveled out the driveway (preparing for the next snow storm due this weekend)

4)  planned a dinner that would be (in my opinion) comfort food.  I made a pasta casserole with lots of meat and spices (probably not enough for W but more than enough for me) and I made home made dinner rolls.  The other day W said - in passing - how for some reason - he was craving hot doughy dinner rolls.

5)  tried once again to blow some freezing bubbles for pictures - it did NOT work again.  Oh I get beautiful bubbles that float in the breezes and freeze up beautifully - but the minute they touch down they implode 

6)  I showered and shaved and did my hair so I would look like I was a good house slave and not some zombie.. (you should see my hair when I don't "do" it for a day or two)

And when W finally arrived home just before 9 pm dinner was ready, the house was tidy and his house slave was clean........


  1. Re: Item #2....

    There IS a vacuum in the " Dom " cave and it IS used all the time by the Dom !!!!!

    As for dusting well knot as much as could be, but then I have other things to do around here...

    So there :-D


  2. Pretty rolls. Good on you.



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