Monday, January 27, 2014

Not even in the same book

Over the years Monday mornings were spent reporting my kinky activities over the weekend.  Recently there have been fewer and fewer kinky activities to report.  And so I have found myself on Monday mornings trying to think what to write.

And so it is this Monday Morning - me sitting here staring at the monitor realizing there is not much of anything to report. Oh I could make excuses - like the weather was horrendous and so we missed a munch - or that I have been under the weather but the point is............ it isn't just this Monday morning.............kink is about as rare around here as unicorns.

And so I thought why not forget personal kink for a bit (hopefully it will return with a vengeance one day) and talk about kinky stuff - just stuff.

So here goes...................

I have moaned and bitched before about feeling like a dinosaur - but I think it is much more than that.  I believe the BDSM I grew up with - grew into - and loved - has been muchly watered down and sanitized and made acceptable for the newbies who wander in and around the hallowed halls of this lifestyle.  

The last meeting of the sub group showed me that in spades!  There was a very young newbie who had a question.  And we encourage questions.  And we encourage sharing.

His question was "what is topping from the bottom?"

and I sat back and smiled internally and thought - easy peasy answer.  BUT what I heard in response to the question made me realize not only are we not on the same page - hells bells we aren't even in the same book!!!

The definition for "topping from the bottom" looked and sounded a whole lot like S.A.M
or smart assed masochist.  He was told when a submissive acts up - or plays the brat - or deliberately disobeys to get a spanking that is topping from the bottom.  The newbie sat there nodding - almost making notes.  I looked around the room........ everyone just sat there either nodding vigorously or giving blank stares.

DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN!!!  not even in the same book

I said quietly and clearly - in my book that is not topping from the bottom - that is being a S.A.M (and I didn't even bother to define it - what's the point??)

Topping from the bottom (the way I was taught) means - the submissive tells the Dominant exactly what to do.... when to do it... and how.  Pretty simple I think.  Doesn't leave much room for misinterpretation.  and has nothing - not one damn thing to do with being a brat/SAM!!!

IF the simplest of definitions is cock-eyed and skewered - imagine what the deeper more important definitions look like!!  I think over the next little while - every once in a while - I will take one of those skewered cock-eyed definitions and share what it means to me - what I was taught it meant - many moons ago - when dinosaurs walked on earth.  You certainly do not have to agree with me - and I encourage you to disagree with me in the comment section - or simply blow me off as being old and out of touch.


It's the best I have to offer right now.

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  1. I am sorry that your Kink isn't want you want/need/demand....

    I won't say anything more as I KNOW it will land Me in more trouble than I am in now :-(



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