Saturday, January 18, 2014

Not alone

Maybe I should have called this blog "What a Difference a Day Makes". .... cause it does.  Yesterday I was feeling old - with no future ahead of me.......... Today not so much.

Yesterday  "sixofthe best" commented on my entry saying ".I am 80 years old"!!  I have seen his nick around the blog sphere from time to time but didn't know anything about him and as he doesn't appear to have a blog ... couldn't do any "research" on him.  But hearing that there was someone that much older than me out there - still spanking - still enjoying it lifted my spirits!!

Then today I noticed that Spiritual BDSM  had done an update (they don't update too often - more's the pity) so I went to check it out.  There was a picture of Serfina and I realized this was an older couple too!!

I realized that W and I are not the only "older" couples out there still doing BDSM - still enjoying it - still thriving.  I think I needed that.  Here in Kingston they are mostly 30 somethings - who do tend to look at us as OLD ... not only look at but tend to semi-regularly remind us we are OLD.

So I am feeling better.

I still intend to continue to develop my inner eccentric......... because... I think deep down inside... I have always had this separate personality - dying to come out and play.......Definitely time to let go of upbringing/good graces and start to feed and nurture this inner being.

"And miles to go before I sleep".


  1. renee1:03 pm

    You're not alone at all. I think starting around 40 we all get those momentary pangs. I'm 56.

  2. sixofthebest3:15 pm

    Thank you for honoring me, by quoting me in your blog. Here possible is my philosophy "THINKING OF SPANKING EACH DAY. KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY. At least so far. Hopefully it will last for sometime to come.

  3. sixofthebest3:31 pm

    By the way, those nine( 9 ) mature women, in that photo, I would delight in raising their dress or skirts waist high, taking down their panties, knickers, or bloomers, and spank their bare bottoms blushingly red, with hand or cane. And believe me it would be most sexually and erotically pleasureable for me.

  4. Anonymous4:01 pm

    51 and just starting! Loving it ;-)


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