Wednesday, January 08, 2014


It seems to me in the past we Canadians could bitch about our long cold winters and get sympathy from our neighbours to the south.  However watching the news/weather forecasts this winter I realize we are all pretty much in the same "igloo". 

It seems a bit weird to me to be praising the wonderful temps of -9 as being a mild day - but then compared to -35 I guess it is a mild day.  It is getting harder to find interesting/amusing stuff to do when one is imprisoned inside day after day.

I don't know how many of you remember W's train table that we built in the basement of my lil home in Montreal.........................

The one that the movers virtually totally destroyed in his move up here to Kingston.  W has had plans to start the rebuild - and I promised to make him another tunnel.  (For some reason he loved my tunnel/water fall - shrug - I didn't think it was so hot)

Last week W started the tear down - removing the table and getting ready for the new table he has had custom made to fit the odd little space downstairs.  On Monday Chris the builder arrived with the new table (bare bones)

W moved the broken bits outside.................

And Chris started assembling the new table downstairs..............

That rebuilding should keep W busy for the rest of this winter and maybe long into next winter ..............


My photography teacher sent me an email this morning - suggesting that since I love bubbles so much - I should try photographing "frozen" bubbles.  Honestly that's just what I needed - a challenge........... 

So after my first cup of coffee and before my actual breakfast - I was outside in my pjs with coat thrown over the top - trying for some neat frozen bubble shots.  Trust me when I say - definitely NOT as easy as it sounds!! 

I definitely need some work - blowing bubbles and shooting at the same time is not as easy as it sounds!!  especially when the "bubble juice" gets cold and thick and won't blow........ but it looks like there's still a fair amount of winter to get through - so I will have lots of cold mornings to improve my shooting skills 

So what are you doing to survive this winter???



  1. I'm not sure what they are called, but my sister has this bubble kit that literally freezes/solidifies the bubbles when it's below a certain temperature... you blow them like normal and then they harden! I don't think they were expensive, you might want to check a toy shop or something and see if you find them :)

  2. Anonymous10:50 am

    good books and lots of puzzles

  3. Frozen bubbles - very cool! Well, cold would be a better word.

    We turn on the gas fireplace and toast in front of it. I've also taken pictures of the ice and snow but not as elegant as yours.

    Thank goodness a heatwave of +9 is in the forecast for the weekend.


  4. I am in the Southern Hemisphere where it is very very hot so I cannot imagine the cold you are in right now :) I love love your frozen bubbles AMAZING ava x

  5. no snow in the uk, just a lot of water. well, not even water where WE are, just a lot of water in the west of the country. rather too much, truth be told. But there's still a lot of the winter left to go so we might see some snow yet. probably won't be much though (its rare that we get more than, say, above the ankle. even more rare is above the knee). so its mostly just cold, wind, and rain. so there's not much to really "survive". oh and temps are around the 7-10*C mark during the day atm.

    are you wanting to move here yet? :)


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