Friday, November 29, 2013

"Murder Most Foul"

To quote Monty Python - "and now for some something completely different"......

Last night W took me to a murder mystery dinner at a local restaurant.  I was so excited!!  It had been for EVER since I went to one............W had never been to one... it was an adventure !!!!

If you have never been to one - let me explain how it works - well at least how this one worked.  

Ever been to theater in the round?? where the action takes place all around you - well that is pretty much what this was like.  The premise was we were all workers for the Goodgreen broadcasting company - the year was 1928 - and this was their Christmas party.  The President of said company - his sister and her drunken husband (who played Santa Claus) the Vice President and the President's secretary sat at the head table.  The President had received death threats which meant a detective from the local police station was on hand.

As dinner progressed - the characters created the story line through dialogue with each other and with the "workers" (us)   Between the main course and dessert - dear old Santa Claus (sister's husband) was poisoned and died a rather dramatic death under the Christmas tree.

They posted a clue board outside of our dining room - and we were invited to try and solve the whodunit.  

It was all good fun - and though our table believed it was the secretary who did it... I firmly believed the sister killed her husband.  Unfortunately I couldn't back up my suspicion well enough to sway our table................ but in the end I was right !!  Yay me!!!  all those mystery shows I watch on television and all the mystery books I read paid off... LOL

 The  cast - pictured above - did an excellent job of laying out the plot - confusing us - and making us laugh.

All in all it was an excellent evening - and a nice break from all the thoughts/work of Christmas.  

I am such a lucky subbie to have a Sir who spoils me with spur of the moment adventures like Murder Mystery Dinners.

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  1. How fun! I've only been to an informal version of this, hosted by a friend in his house. It ended up not being a good one, though. Yours sounds more fun.


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